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Campaigns and Fundraisers Overview

Build your fundraising store

Fundraising Platform

Our goal is to help organisations, schools, causes and events reach their goals by providing a campaign store to retail their merchandise. Facilitating pre-orders through a campaign store eliminates the risk and uncertainty for the campaigner, who traditionally would have to invest their own funds, predict styles, colors, sizes and quantities that may not sell.

Monitoring Tool

Both you and our fulfilment team can log in and monitor the progress of your campaign at any time. Payment can be taken from the customers upfront (at the time of placing their order), trigger once the campaign reaches its goal OR when the orders are shipped.



You can simply select a product from our extensive catalog, add your design or logo, set your sales goal, add pricing and your details then launch the campaign. You can set a minimum quantity threshold or target for the total sales to maximize your profits or to meet our production minimums.

Automatic Payment

At the end of the campaign your costs are automatically debited from the raised funds and the profit is automatically credited to you, the campaigner, to fund your important work.

Fundraisers that change lives

Make fundraising stress-free by providing a campaign store that displays the decorated merchandise, facilitates order sales and collects payment. As the fulfilment centre, we autmatically recieve a consolidated order to produce and dispatch and you, the campaigner achieves better sales and profit to invest into the important work.

You spread the word, we'll do the rest

School Merchandise

Creating school merch and collecting orders from all the parants, students and teachers can get complicated and time consuming. Let us help tackle that by building you a custom merchandise store for your school or team.

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Sport Team Merchandise

Create a campaign through us to help you design and produce your teams uniform. Running a campaign through us will help you manage collecting all the names, numbers, sizes and colors you need to outfit your team and the community surrounding your team. 

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Important causes

There is so much important work to be done these days helping to spread awareness and raise money for issues. Were humbled and grateful to be able to provide a fundraising solution to those who would rather focus on spreading the message than managing inventory and eCommerce fulfilment.  

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Special Event

Campaign stores are very useful for selling merchandise that is tied to a timeline. If you have an event you want merchandise for but you dont want a permanent online store, running a campaign is an amazing way to offer amazing merch with minimal investment and low overhead

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